Create a fund and activate abundance in our communities

The Generator backs Kiwis with enterprising ideas that increase income or reduce costs within their communities.

We want to mobilise the innovators and enterprising individuals that exist in every community. We celebrate every win and every fall as we learn collectively what it takes to build abundant communities. That is why we will fund anyone who has the commitment to follow through on an idea they believe in.

Funds are fully configurable to meet your impact priorities and appetite for risk.

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Branded funds

Launch an online fund on the Generator to support your community.

Custom criteria

Configure eligibility to meet funding targets and impact outcomes.

Mobile app

From private to publicly visible, a personalised, guided journey to suit every applicant.

Support crews

Help foster true community with a participant led social networks.

Success steps

No top down decision making, validated actions for buy-in and greater self-determination.

Pay it forward

Success or fail, all participants encouraged to share their learnings for the greater good.

Inspiration & Resources

Benefit from shared resources, channels and a growing knowledgebank.

Grassroots network

Plug into a nationwide network of community Generators.


Dedicated phone & email support.

Impact insights

Embedded evaluation and reporting for impact measurement.

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